Online grocery shopping with grocery delivery

More and more customers not only expect online grocery shopping options but also expect a grocery delivery service.  Shelf Scouter’s online grocery store software allows your customers to choose between several pick and grocery delivery options.  Whether you want to just start with curbside pickup or you want to jump head first into grocery delivery, Shelf Scouter has all the tools you need to be successful when starting up your online grocery ordering system.

Integration with Grocery Delivery Services

Don’t worry about creating your own grocery delivery service, Shelf Scouter’s software integrates with many delivery services. We also have delivery partners ready to fulfill deliveries for you. Simply select the option that best serves your area and Shelf Scouter will take care of grocery deliveries.

Automatic delivery tip suggestions

When a customer selects a grocery delivery option, Shelf Scouter automatically suggests an appropriate tip based on the order size and delivery location.  Customers have the flexibility to modify the tip to their desired amount.

Pickup scheduling

Customers can select pickup or delivery time windows during the checkout process.  Shelf Scouter’s built in intelligence only schedules the number of pickups or deliveries that you can fulfill during a specific time period so that your customers are never waiting.  

Curbside Pickup or Grocery Delivery

Allow for customers to choose between different pickup or delivery options when they checkout.  You control the price for each delivery option and it is automatically added to your customer’s cart during the checkout process.

Real-time order tracking

You and your customers have total visibility into the order as it is being fulfilled.  Customers can see exactly when their order will be ready from inside of of your ecommerce store.

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