Our intuitive online grocery storefront makes customers come back over and over

Shelf Scouter’s online grocery storefront is designed to make your customer’s online shopping experience second to none.  We help you build customer loyalty by creating a positive experience that encourages customers to come back and shop online again.  Shelf Scouter turns your customers into your biggest fans.

Your online storefront, your branding

Shelf Scouter grocery store software is completely brandable.  Your online storefront is branded with your logo and colors to maintain a consistent shopping experience between your retail store and your ecommerce site.

Digital storefront specialty sections

Customers like shopping in a familiar place.  Shelf Scouter helps you replicate in-store departments in your online storefront.  During setup, we will help you create different digital departments (like produce, deli, dairy etc.) and specialty sections (gluten free, vegan, etc.) that help your customers browse and shop online the same way they do in-store. When a customer can easily find the items they want, the size of their basket grows!

Online Cafe Menu Ordering

One of the best ways to increase basket size and customer profitability is to attract customers to your prepared foods department.  Customers can order from your fresh cafe right from your online grocery storefront.  Cafe orders are automatically sent to your staff so orders are ready when your customer picks up the rest of his or her groceries.

Easy reordering and saved baskets

Customers can save order templates of commonly purchased items to their customer profile within your online grocery storefront. When a customer is ready to re-order they can add all of the items from a template to their basket in just a few simple clicks.  

“Pop up” stores and digital end caps

Create digital end caps or pop up stores to promote seasonal items, meal kits and other related items.  Shelf Scouter software makes it easy to create new product categories and specialty shops so that you can quickly adjust to changing customer demand and promote the items that your customers are searching for at different times during the year.

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