Secure eCommerce software designed specifically for grocers and supermarkets

Not all online ecommerce platforms are created equal.  Shelf Scouter is an ecommerce system designed specifically with the needs of grocery stores in mind.  Our ecommerce platform gives grocery stores and supermarkets a secure, PCI compliant, and easy to setup online storefront that makes it easy for you to offer home grocery shopping to your customers.

Grow customer basket size

Grocery stores that offer online shopping solutions to their customers generate more sales and increase customer basket size.  Shelf Scouter’s online grocery store software uses artificial intelligence to automatically make product recommendations to your customers while they are shopping online.  The result is a larger basket size and a more satisfied customer.

PCI compliant solution specifically designed for online grocery stores

Shelf Scouter’s grocery store ecommerce platform is PCI DSS out of the box.  PCI DSS is a set of security standards designed to make sure that companies that accept credit cards store data in a secure environment.  We have integrated these security standards into our grocery store ecommerce platform so that you don’t have to worry about credit card security.

Integration with your POS

Grocery stores manage thousands of SKUs, Shelf Scouter automatically imports and synchronizes data about your SKUs between your POS and Shelf Scouter’s ecommerce software.  Our tight integration with various POS systems including NCR make initial setup quick and ensure that your online storefront is in sync with existing in-store inventory.

Hosted and managed by our team of experts

Shelf Scouter’s managed grocery ecommerce solution is designed to be easy to manage.  Our team maintains the servers that host your online grocery storefront and makes sure that your ecommerce application is always secure and online (greater than 99% guaranteed uptime).  Shelf Scouter is not just a software application it is a completely managed grocery store ecommerce solution.

Online payment processing through Stripe, PayPal and other credit card gateways

Shelf Scouter natively integrates with some of the most popular credit card processing systems like Stripe and PayPal.  Shelf Scouter can even integrate with your existing credit card processing gateway.  Contact us today to learn more about integration options with several POS payment systems including NCR’s Connected Payments.

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